Theatre as an actor:
· Lady of the see (in Valencian language),
by H. Ibsen. Dir: Leal
· Six characters in search of an author,
by L.Pirandello. Dir: M. Narros
· Blood Wedding,
by F. García Lorca. Director: J.L. Gomez
· Hamlet, by W. Shakespeare, Director: R. Benitez.
· Equus, by P. Schaffer. Director: C. Madanes.
· Mother Courage, by B. Brecht. Director: J. Hacker.
· Becket, by J. Anouilh. Director: R. Yanez


· Among Shadows. Director P. Almodovar
· Final sonata. Director: J.M. Forque
· Wolves’ Moon. Director  J.S. Valdés
· Lute. Director: V. Aranda
· A station in time. Director G. Querejeta.
· We'll always call him Trinita. Director: E.B. Clucher (Italy)
· The calf. Director: L. Garcia Berlanga
· The border's law. Director: A. Aristarain
· Solitude was that. Director S. Renán.
· Southern Star. Director: Luis Nieto (Uruguay)
· Manolete. Director Menno Meyjes.

“Beneficiary”, “Accused”,"Six characters in search...", "Blood Wedding", "Requiem for Granada", "Curro Jimenez II", "The young Picassso",  "Thieves go to the office", "Colleagues", "Central Hospital", "The Chief", "All men are alike", "Journalists", etc.

Theatre as a director:
· The boys in the band, by Mart Crowle.
· Do not drink the water, by Woody Allen
· Art, by Jazmina Reza.
· Autumn Garden, by Diana Raznovich
· Top Broadway, Colective Musical
· The Assembly Women, by Aristophanes
· Eloisa is under the almond tree, by E.J. Ponce

Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Yiddish.

Football, swimming, fencing, tenis, bascketball and volleyball.